About Us

Breath Testing at Home, a wholly owned division of Metabolic Solutions, Inc. (MSI), is a nationwide, independently owned and licensed clinical laboratory. Breath testing is our business. We supply test kits and high quality laboratory services to analyze these breath samples. As such, we are committed to providing an accurate, reliable and affordable service. In business since 1990, we are world leaders in the field of breath testing. We have been issued several US patents to develop these breath-based methods and have received numerous NIH small business innovative research (SBIR) grants. We currently process over 25,000 breath samples annually in our Nashua, NH laboratory.

Licensure & Accreditations

  • CLIA Certified Laboratory (CLIA ID #30D0970292)
  • Certificate of Compliance with 42 CFR Part 493, Requirements for Laboratories
  • State of New Hampshire Clinical Laboratory (License #02731)
  • State of New York Clinical Laboratory (License #83011A0)
  • National Provider Number 1710985353
  • Medicare Provider Number RE6176
  • State of New Hampshire Pharmacy License (#2827)

Breath Test Quality Assurance

  • Fully compliant state inspected CLIA-certified medical laboratory
  • Over 25,000 breath samples analyzed each year
  • All samples tracked using unique bar coded identification system
  • Validated methods and instruments
  • Approved, signed and current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • All analytical runs include multiple levels of control (low, medium and high) at the beginning and the end of the analysis
  • Independent QA/QC review of all data prior to release
  • Proficiency testing performed 2x per year
  • Instrument calibration and correlation analysis carried out 2x per year
  • Annual competency testing for all analysts
  • Entire operation is subject to annual inspection by certifying agencies