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What is ScoreMySugar™?

ScoreMySugar™ is a new home-based test for unhealthy sugar in your diet. It is a revolutionary tool for people concerned with too much unhealthy sugar in their own or their children’s diet. Recommendations are provided, based on your individual results, to alter your diet and improve your overall health.

How does ScoreMySugar™ help you to change your diet and improve your health?

The world of carbohydrates includes “good sugars” (such as the complex carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables) and “bad sugars” (such as those added to many sweets and soft drinks). These bad sugars are key contributors to the epidemic of obesity, liver disease, diabetes, and a host of other chronic diseases. Making it even more challenging for consumers and especially parents, many of these sugars are hidden and only professionally trained nutritionists can identify them in your diet. Now, after more than 30 years of these bad sugars being added to everything from fruit juices to energy bars, all of us (and our children) find ourselves at high risk for lifelong health issues.

What does ScoreMySugar™ cost and what results do you get?

By measuring your breath samples and using the information provided by you with the kit, the ScoreMySugar™ will deliver a numerical score as well as a grade from A (excellent) through F (failing). We will provide these personalized results for a total price of $59.00 which includes all shipping charges, a kit containing the components necessary to administer the test, analysis of your breath samples and a customized report emailed to you.

Our personalized report will provide you with the guidance needed to alter your diet by identifying high intake of “bad sugars”. You can use this information to increase the amount of “good sugars” that you are eating to improve your overall health.

How does ScoreMySugar™ work?

Using two breath samples (collected first thing in the morning) our state-of-the-art technology combines mass spectrometry measurements with a large database of individual breath samples complied over many years of analyzing samples in our research laboratory. ScoreMySugar™ provides an easy-to-understand snapshot of your diet and the bad sugars that you and your family are eating. Recommendations will be provided to improve your diet and therefore your overall health.

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