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What is the WorkoutOptimizer™?

The WorkoutOptimizer™ is a breakthrough product based on years of scientific research that tells you how many calories from fat and carbohydrates were burned during your exercise routine. The product also provides a precise individualized recommendation for daily caloric consumption. Recommendations are provided, based on your individual results, to optimize your workout for fat and calorie burn.

How does the WorkoutOptimizer™ help you to meet your weight loss or fitness goals?

The key to effective exercise is to reach an intensity level where you are burning calories from your fat stores. Burning calories is always good but different types of calories (fat calories versus carbohydrate calories) have different effects on weight loss. Each individual burns carbohydrate and fat calories in different quantities based on factors such as exercise intensity, duration and genetics.

What does the WorkoutOptimizer™ cost and what results do you get?

By measuring your breath samples and using the information provided by you, the WorkoutOptimizer™ will deliver the following personalized results (meant only for you and your exercise regimen) for a total price of $79.00:

  • Body Mass Index
  • Resting Energy Expenditure
  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure
  • Recommended Body Weight
  • Recommended Weight Loss
  • Recommended Daily Caloric Intake
  • Total Calories Burned During Exercise
  • Total Number of Calories from Carbohydrate Burned During Exercise
  • Total Number of Calories from Fat Burned During Exercise
  • Optimal Calories to Burn During Exercise

Using this information, we will provide you with the guidance to alter your workout to increase the percentage of calories being burned from fat so that you can meet your weight loss and fitness goals.

How does it work?

Using two breath samples (one from before and one after your workout) our state-of-the-art technology couples mass spectrometry measurements with powerful, innovative algorithms developed over many years of analyzing test samples in our research laboratory. WorkoutOptimizer™ provides a comprehensive evaluation of your workout including your ideal workout results, your individual calories burned, type of calories (fat or carbohydrate) utilized and recommendations to help you meet your individual fitness goals.

The products and advice of Breath Testing at Home are not intended for treatment and diagnosis, and is for educational purposes only.