Instructions for the WorkoutOptimizer™

Kit Contents

The test kit contains the following items:

  • 1 blue breath collection tube for before your workout labeled REST
  • 1 red breath collection tube for after your workout labeled EXERCISE
  • Straw
  • Test Form
  • Security seal for return of tubes using original test box

Test Preparations

Read all steps first before doing the test.  It is recommended that you perform the test after at least 2 hours of no food intake.  You will be required to record your heart rate (pulse) in beats per minute after your exercise.  This can be accomplished by any of the means mentioned in step 3 below.  If you decide to measure your pulse by direct palpitation, we suggest you practice before starting the test to get familiar with the procedure.

Test Procedure

Step 1: Collect a single breath sample in the tube labeled BASELINE.

  • Unscrew the cap of the breath collection tube. Place the straw into the tube.
  • Hold glass tube with one hand while holding the cap with your other hand. For children, you can hold the tube for them while they exhale.
  • Take a full breath and exhale through the straw directly into the tube. You should feel some of your breath escaping from the tube while you exhale. This is normal.
  • After filling the tube with breath, replace the cap immediately. Screw cap so that it is “finger-tight”. Do not over tighten cap. If you can’t replace the cap on the tube within 5 seconds, simply start the breath collection again from step 1 above.

Step 2: Workout as usual.  Do not eat or drink, except water, during your workout.

Step 3: Record your heart rate in beats per minute (BPM) at the end of your workout (before any “cool down” period).  Record this number on the test form below.  The heart rate can be obtained from:

  • Automatic heart monitors;
  • An exercise device such as a treadmill or cycle that you are using;
  • The Instant Heart Rate App for your Android™ or IPhone™;
  • Or, simply measure your pulse directly as follows:

Place both of your palms up in front of you.  Now take one of your hands and place the index and middle finger of that hand on the outside o the wrist of the opposite hand.  The fingers should lie together on the opposite wrist about ½ inch on the inside o the joint, in line with the index finger.  Feel for a pulse.  When you find a pulse, count the number of beats in a ten-second section of time and then multiply by 6.

Step 4:Note how long you worked out.  Record the time in minutes on the test form.
Step 5:Collect one more breath sample, 3-5 minutes after your workout using the red top collection tube labeled EXERCISE.  Collect your breath as before in Step 1.

Step 6: Please be sure to completely fill out the information below and return this sheet as well as all the tubes in the original box. Secure the box with the enclosed security seal. Place the test box into any mailbox. For best results, mail the samples within 14 days of testing.